Oregon Invasive Species Hotline

Help stop the spread of invasive species in Oregon

Think you've found an invader?

Have you seen something suspicious in your backyard or neighborhood? Are you having trouble identifying something you've found? Report potential invasive species you've found to the Online Hotline. Your submission will provide vital early detection information to the experts working to stop the next invasion before it starts.

There are three easy steps you can take to get involved:

Learn - Familiarize yourself with the potential invasive species in the areas where you live or visit frequently. Get started with the Silent Invasion Quick Guide or the GardenSmart Oregon booklet.

Look - Wherever you are - hiking in the forest, on a fishing trip or digging in your garden - keep your eye out for unusual animals or plants that you have never seen before and be prepared to take a picture and document your find.

Report - Use the Online Hotline to report your find.

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Report an Invader

If you spot a potential invasive species in Oregon, use our online form to report it. Or call our toll-free number 1-866-INVADER.

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Where Have the Invaders Been Found?

Browse the map to find the ten most recent Hotline Reports. Click on the icons to read more. Or use the search tools to explore the full database of Hotline Reports.

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